Our Role In The Process

"My recruiting purpose is to get you the talent you want. In doing so, I will prove that I don't just talk the talk. You can trust that I am "the" person to get the job done for you. In return, you will feel good about doing business with me and able to justify why your organization or department pays for my services."

I understand why Hospital Organizations are viewing search firms as a commodity and distinguishing between so many choices is harder than ever. Most recruiters spend all day looking at the different on line job boards (like playing the lottery) hoping they'll get lucky and produce a candidate that just might work. The recruiter submits the applicant for consideration to find out that you have the exact candidate from the same website. Sound familiar?

Therefore, clients are getting more and more reluctant to try services from another firm. I get that. If you take a chance on using my services, you won't be sorry. I don't use job boards, I "Direct recruit."

For those of us who have the passion to help their clients get what they want, inspires greater loyalty from and will be able to stand out from our competitors - other firms you are currently using.

Our Roll In The Process