There's a fairly new term in the talent management world and it's called onboarding employees. This idea has been around for quite some time, and it used to be known as new employee orientation. But as we'll soon explain, onboarding is more about retaining talent than getting people settled in their new office.

In this article, we're first going to explain why onboarding has become so popular in today's workplace. Then we'll talk about the many facets of this theory, and how you can leverage this information whether you're a job seeker or a corporate recruiter.

Employee Onboarding Cont.

Employee Retention

Useful Tips to Improve Employee Retention in Your Organization

The importance of retaining top organizational talent cannot be understated. With the massive baby boomer cohort just starting to approach retirement age, more and more jobs are going to become available in the near future. What this means for employees is that it is now easier than ever to leave one's current position to find greener pastures elsewhere. A more attractive market for job seekers means that the switching costs of seeking new employment are no longer a significant factor in deciding whether or not to leave an organization. The days where a job seeker might spend six months to secure a new job is now over.

The implications for employers should be clear. It is now more important than ever to retain the team members and the organization currently has and to choose the right team members when hiring decisions are made. The following is a short list of useful tips and hints to help increase levels of employee retention in your organization. Put them to work for you!

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