Assess Your Alliances Nurse Managers

There is one attribute that sets the successful nurse manager apart from her peers: alliances.

An effective nurse manager takes great pains to build alliances up, down, and across the organization. She has strong working relationships with her staff, with other departments, with the medical staff, and with upper management.

That way, when she faces a challenging situation, needs immediate access to scarce resources, or has to resolve a conflict, the relationships are in place for her to get results.

Take a moment to assess the strength and quality of your alliances within the organization. Will your staff go above and beyond when required to help you meet budgetary constraints? Will the medical staff work collaboratively with you to solve a problem on your unit? With managers of other departments respond rapidly to the occasional demanding request? Is your manager an advocate of you and your ongoing development?

 If you have answered “yes” to these questions, than you most likely have formed the kinds of alliances required for success in your role.

If you have answered “no” or “not sure” to even one of these questions, then take some time to consider how you can mend or build the relationship(s) in question. For instance, one of the most common complaints about a manager from nursing staff is, “She isn’t fair.” Be sure that you are rigorously fair in how you schedule, plan weekend shifts, approve vacation time, praise, and discipline your staff.