Who We Are And What We Do

A company built on loyalty, integrity and passion, we take the time to truly understand the clients we partner with and the candidates we represent. By understanding each client’s business, the culture, objectives, and the type of person that will be successful in the position, we are better prepared to create the "right match." One that is a long-term solution for both our clients and candidates. Our relationships with our clients and candidates are the key to our success!

We have built valuable partnerships with both large and small companies who are serious about success. Our clients recognize that having a team of strong players is critical to achieving top performance.

Local Expertise With A National Reach

Since our we specialize and work Healthcare only, we constantly have our finger on the pulse of the local marketplace. When a national search is needed, we rely on successful process of direct recruiting nationally.

HCMedConnect is an executive search firm specializing in the recruitment and placement of Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants and Nursing Leadership. Our proven process along with our ability to access candidates nationally, provides us the resources needed to make sure our clients receive the “the right candidate for the job."

At HCMedConnect, we believe that recruitment and retention is mission critical for a company to prosper. It requires a deliberate and aggressive strategy for attracting, selecting and keeping the right talent. Successful companies recognize this and invest in a recruiting partner to maximize their recruiting and retention dollars.

Candidates invest in us, our time and efforts and our knowledge of the industry. They also count on us to match them with facilities who can assist with their career path goals.

Hand-in-hand these paths shall be traveled together in unity and great strength.