Client And Candidate Testimonials


 "Over the past several years, I have worked with many Nursing recruiters across America. When I first was introduced to Donna Le Saicherre, within minutes, I knew she was a caring, motivated and a can-do person. Her wealth of knowledge greatly surpassed other recruiters that I had encountered.

Her assiduousness and perseverance became evident the first week working with her. She kept me informed and walked me through each step. Mostly though, she has a great sense of humor, always putting things into perspective. When I am ready for the next step in my career, Donna will be the first recruiter that I will contact. Thanks Donna for all you do for the health care profession." ~, Executive Director,  

 "I am a practicing Cardiovascular physician assistant here in the state of Florida for many years. In the period of over the last five years, I have known Donna Le Saicherre initially as a health care recruiter through a Texas based recruiting firm prior to her opening a recruiting/ consulting firm. In our initial professional dialogue, I have found Donna to be a very genuine, sincere, a truly caring, and compassionate person for which I admired and felt very secure working with her. In the course of the last several years, Donna has always kept my best interests in mind in at all times. She had even offered great support and compassion at one point during the loss of my longtime pet Boxer. Most recently, I also was unfortunate to suffer a job loss due to job cuts at  a healthcare company. In less than one week, Donna had me presented to my current employer, even helping me to get credentialed in record time to begin work in a very tight time frame. I cannot offer enough heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all of the work and help Donna Le Sachierre has provided to me and I am forever thankful to her and her efforts in my professional endeavors. In a field saturated with healthcare recruiters, Donna is most certainly the brightest, shinniest diamond of the whole group!"    Jim M, PA-C

When my family and I were looking to relocate from New York to Virginia, I had no idea where to even start in a search for a new career.  Upon my first conversation with Donna, I could tell how genuine of a person she was and valued her recommendations immediately.  Over the next couple of months, I had several conversations with her and was always impressed at her professionalism, poise and intuitive kindness.  Throughout my interview process, she would always provide support whether appointment reminders and/or feedback around interviews to provide peace of mind whenever possible.  When I finally decided to make my career move to Bon Secours, she was instrumental in getting the “ball rolling” with my onboarding.  Thank you Donna for all your help in easing the transition to a new company and a new state! Kathleen, Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner

I was first introduced to Donna through my university network.  It was Karma!  She was wonderful from the start, following through with each step of the interview process to be sure I knew what to do and who to contact, right to the end when I received the offer.  She is thorough, friendly, thoughtful and professional.  I couldn't have asked for a better person to help me with my first NP offer. You are the best!  Lynn, NP, VAD Coordinator

When Donna first approached me on the job, I was not looking to make a move; especially to Virginia. From that point on, she became my career coach keeping me abreast of market trends and opportunities within my field. Although I never talk to "recruiters," Donna was different and very consultative. I had an immediate trust with her and thank goodness I did. She presented me to my now current employer in Virginia and it was a perfect match with my nursing theories and work ethics. If it weren't for Donna's incredible personality and knowledge of the healthcare field, I'd still be coasting along at my previous employer. Donna, I can't thank you enough for your assistance in helping me better my career and further impacting my family unit. Donna B., NP, DNP

Donna is a top notch recruiter who works to meet the needs of her clients. You can not go wrong when working with Donna, Bridget C. ONC-NP

Donna is excellent at what she does. We actually came in contact in 2008, but I wasn't seeking employment at the time. We stayed in contact over the years, and when the time came to find a new position - Donna was there. She listens to both the potential employer and the client - so she doesn't send clients to unsuitable employers. (There is nothing more awkward when the potential employer and employee qualifications don't match.) So if you specialize in cardiothoracic surgery you aren't going to show up to an interview for Bone Marrow Transplant. This saves time and effort on behalf of all parties.Thank you, Donna.  Kristen.E. Nurse Practitioner

It is difficult to find health care consultants with a complete grasp of Physician Assistants, Donna is top shelf at recognizing the needs of both of her clients-PA and employer. She works diligently to develop the best match for both, assuring a long term relationship. She is easy to contact. She works hard to provide the finer details that one wants to fully understand the opportunities she represents. I highly recommend her to fill your desires in health care employment." Joseph R. RN, CTPA, UAB

After working with SO many recruiting companies, I was amazed with the professionalism and also the type of CT PA candidates that Donna sends to us. We really look for quality in recruiting, not quantity. I feel that when Donna Le Saicherre starts her recruiting process for us (having multiple facilities), I can count on success.Donna,thank you for being you and the wonderful job you do.Greatly appreciated, Nancy, Administrative Assistant, Heart & Vascular Institute

Donna works diligently putting together the employer and employee in an opportunity for mutual growth." MaryAnn C, DNP, ACNP

I never talk to head hunters but that day arrived when it was time to make a move and they had left me a number. I called. Good move. Donna wasn’t the first person I spoke to but she was the one that got the job done. Professional and good natured, she mothered me through the process and settled me into a work setting that finds me excited about work again. I recommend her services without reservation. Thanks again, Malone W., CTPA

Over the last few months, I have had to the opportunity to deal with numerous management recruiters. Most recruiter focus on the “USDA BEEF GRADE”, that is “how select a candidate are you?” in terms of pedigree. You really took the time to discover and ask questions about my career goals, my family circumstances, my desired locations, and desire positions.I did not once hear the adage “look at the position over the place”, which is what I heard from several other recruitment companies. The daily “check-in” phone calls were a beautiful touch that made the entire process less anxiety producing and tolerable. As I told you on the phone, “you have a uniquely different approach to recruiting.” It also does not hurt to be recruited by someone listed on Google. Please let me know whatever and whenever I can sing accolades, I will be the Vienna Boys choir for you and your company. David G. G., RN, BSN Cardiac Nursing Director

Donna is fabulous!!! She and her team really do a wonderful job and keep in touch at every turn. Donna work's with you to keep you on top of everything and works hard to move things in a positive direction at all times. On a personal note, she is very friendly and trustworthy. I was very impressed as Donna is very much "in the know" and knowledgeable about healthcare!!! Donna promised to keep in touch after the fact and indeed, she has. Donna is the only recruiter for me should I need one again!! I will and have recommended Donna extremely highly! PCS- PA-C

Thanks so much for helping me find this amazing position. You were right on top of things and found all the information I needed to get the processing done. I was impressed and encouraged with your quick response and all of the work you did from assisting in licensing and credentialing and keeping the ball rolling so I could meet my deadlines. Thanks very much, Tom R., Florida

I hope you had a wonderful Holiday and were able to spend time with family and friends. I want to thank you for finding us BJ and Malone – they are the best! You are so very good at what you do and are always so supportive during the hiring process. I look forward to working with you as we add to our staff. Best Wishes!! Kathleen, Practice Administrator, VA

Just wanted to say it was a wonderful experience working with you. Thank you very much for your kind words of reassurance at times when I saw nothing but problems. It is clear to me that without your support I would not be able to achieve these results. I appreciate you being by my side through the whole process -not just in the beginning! Once again thank very much. Alex, CT Surgery, NYC

I just wanted to thank you so much for everything. Of all of the people I sent "thank you" e-mails to, you are the most deserving. I want to thank you for all of your help and support through everything. I look forward to working at --- and hope that we can stay in close contact even after starting employment. You are a very caring, wonderful person and have given me a sense of ease through all of this. I just wanted to say thank you and that I appreciate everything. Thanks again, Tiffany, PA-C, HUP

I am just about to be off for my second day at my new job. Joe says if I come back today, he knows that they have me :). I just wanted to say thank you for making this happen. You are very good at what you do and I feel blessed that I had you to help me with and through this process. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Jennifer, Oncology Co-coordinator, ATL

Hi Donna Thank YOU for everything. I truly have such a good feeling about working with you...and that all comes from your professionalism, high energy and positivity. Thank you for offering to help me on this journey! Amy, Vascular Surgery, IL

Donna is a professional that has her client's best interest at heart. She makes a concerted effort to meet all the needs of her clients. Lastly, she has very great follow through. It was a pleasure working with Donna. C Jackson, Oncology NM